The First International Packaging Conference of Iran-Tehran

۲۳-۲۴ April 2018
In this regard, it informs all domestic and foreign craftsmen and businessmen in the field of packaging; in order to expand the scientific, commercial, and industrial relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries, and to further explore and disseminate the values, objectives and practices of scientific and industrial in the field of packaging, the first international conference with the license issued by the Organization for Scientific and Industrial Research of Iran will be held by Iran Society of Packaging Science and Technology on 23-24 April 2018 at the site of Iranian Reseach Organization for Science and Technology.
So, from all companies and institutions that are active in the fields of
۱) New achievements in packaging industry
۲) The role of packaging in solving industry and trade problems
۳) Improving business space in Iran’s packaging industry
And also willing to cooperate, are required to contact us for further information Communicate through the following:


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Office Address:
Iran Society of Packaging Science and Technology, Ground Floor, Building Asra, Corner of Fifth Ave, Southern Pirouzan Ave, Hormozan Ave, Sanat Square, Shahrak-E Qods, Tehran, Iran.

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